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About Us

Corstem is a machine learning and artificial intelligence software developer specialized in medical imaging analysis and computer vision. Founded in 2016, its AI-powered tools are setting the standard in dynamic cardiac analysis. Corstem enables a whole new level of efficiency and automation for diagnosis aid to save valuable physician and patient time.​

Our Products


A software application with two main modules :

  • CorPerfusion: Fully quantitative and automatic myocardial perfusion analysis
  • CorVentricle: Quantitative dynamic and volumetric ventricular functions

The XAsuite application encompasses a complete, fully automatic pipeline for post-processing of X-ray angiography images for ischemic artery disease analysis (the CorQCA module).


Universal Tools is a set of three applications :

  • CorTrack: Non-linear tracking
  • CorMoCo: Automatic non-rigid motion compensation
  • CorVascular: Real-time vessel segmentation (<70 ms execution)

Our Partners


Corstem is awarded one of the prestigious Pierre Péladeau Bursaries.
May 2016
Corstem partners with NIH for research and development.
September 2016
Centech announces the selection of Corstem in its Propulsion program.
April 2017
Corstem signed a distribution agreement with EnvoyAI.
January 2018

Contact Us

  • Email : info@corstem.ai
  • Address : 400 Montfort St., C-2330, Montreal, Qc, Canada, H3C 4J9
  • Phone : (+1)514-396-8790