Corstem CMR Suite

A Fully-Quantitative Autonomous CMR Tool


The Corstem CMR Suite application encompasses two software modules (CorPerfusion  and CorCINE) intended for post-processing of Cardiac MR image series. The application runs on an off-the-shelf computer system and requires minimal user input.

The CorPerfusion module implements a complete fully automatic pipeline for fully quantitative pixelwise myocardial perfusion analysis for Cardiac MR imaging. The pipeline integrates automatic motion compensation robust to free-breathing acquisitions, automatic myocardial detection and segmentation, automatic sector delimitation, and automatic perfusion metric computations. CorPerfusion operates on raw DICOM data files and outputs per-pixel and sectorial metrics of perfusion dynamics in absolute physical metrics relevant to clinical diagnosis.

The CorCINE module implements an automatic cardiac diastolic function analysis pipeline on user-specified raw DICOM data files. It tracks clinically relevant cardiac structures over a cardiac cycle to derive displacement and velocity measures. These metrics of cardiac dynamics can be used to assess myocardial health.

The results of the above analyses are displayed on-screen and may be summarized in an automatically generated report.

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